Okay, so I’m taking a little detour from all things fashion and beauty related today and taking a moment to acknowledge all the absolutely ace events and meet ups that happen around us, a lot of the time without us even being aware. I had the delight of helping out at one of the Leeds Indie … Continue reading Feast

TK Treasure Trove

Most of my friends/family don’t even bother asking where I’ve bought things from these days, as my reply nine times out of ten is ‘TKMaxx!’. If you don’t already shop in TKMaxx then what are you doing? You’re missing out! I’m going to share my top three tips to help you find a true TK … Continue reading TK Treasure Trove

Spring Skin Saviours

Another week has been and gone, and the weather seems to finally be brightening up! Hurrah! Summer is well and truly on it’s way. With the change in season, I always seem to mix up my skincare routine a little, so I thought I’d share with you the 5 spring favourites that I’ve been using daily … Continue reading Spring Skin Saviours

White Hot

It’s my day off, the sun is shining, (still a bit chilly mind), and I had my eyebrows waxed this morning so I’m feeling preeetttty good right about now. My outfit although a little overly adventurous for the current temperature, has got me thinking about the warmer weather and some of my favourite summer outfits. I am … Continue reading White Hot

Gingham for Grown-Ups

Unless you’ve been walking around blindfolded you’ll have most definitely noticed that humble old gingham is having a bit of a moment. Now lets be brutally honest here, it’s a pretty tricky print to nail. It’ll most likely make you look like you’ve raided the wardrobe of your daughter/niece/any other small person that you happen … Continue reading Gingham for Grown-Ups